We are proud to present DGSingers' first ever online concert recorded in November 2021! We are delighted to have completed this singing project when arranging rehearsals and recordings were such a challenge during the pandemic months. But we did it! This is also our first time singing a full Chinese repertoire. The theme of the concert《萃韻傳情》incorporated four types of emotion – 愉悅之情 pleasing, 不捨之情 longing, 慨嘆之情 sighing and 懷念之情 reminiscing. Eleven Chinese songs were selected, including 踏雪尋梅, 問鶯燕 and 杜鵑花, which were composed by three Chinese composers – 黃自, 黃友棣 and 黃永熙. Under the baton of Mrs. Christina Chiang, over 40 choir members recorded the melodious pieces in the form of full chorus, ensemble group and solos at the DGS Auditorium.

Message from our conductor Mrs Christina Chiang:

" Thou heavenly art, in the many gloomy hours when life's fierceness entangled me; You kindled a warm love in the depths of my heart and lifted me to a better world …… "

The lyrics of Schubert's famous song "To Music" truly conveys what wonders music can do to help us set free the emotions hidden deep in our hearts, such as love, hate, grief, joy, anger, pity or the rest. In recent years, though we had to face many difficulties in life, we hope that music can help to set us free from the bondage of trouble and worry, be it through singing, playing or simply by listening.

The Diocesan Graduate Singers invite you to share our humble rendering of our recording "Emotions expressed through music".


Sit back and enjoy!

Diocesan Graduate Singers