The Social Subcommittee and the Legal Professional Group of the Membership Subcommittee successfully co-hosted a webinar titled "What We All Need to Know about Managing Family Properties and Assets" on 3 December 2021. Over 75 participants joined this 1-hour lively sharing session.

Professor Alice Lee (HKU Faculty of Law Associate Professor) shared her knowledge on the basic legal concepts in land ownership in Hong Kong and how family members could make informed decisions when co-owning landed property. This was followed by Ms Thelma Kwan (Barrister-at-law) who talked about her experience with nuptial agreements and how properties were often divided between husbands and wives in matrimonial proceedings, particularly when third party interests were involved. Lastly, Ms Sherlynn Chan (Deacons Family Partner) shared her insights on how to manage or protect family assets during marriage, as well as the legal tools available to family members when one lost mental capacity.

Special thanks to the three speakers and also to three young alumnae from the Legal Group, Ms Rachael Leung, Ms Joey Liu, and Ms Carly Fan, for moderating this webinar.