Edna Lam - Class of '87

Edna Lam, now working in Singapore, is director - corporate communications for Asia Pacific for Visa International. She has kindly provided information for this article via e-mail.

Having left DGS with Dr. Symons' scholarship, Edna enrolled and completed her Bachelor of Arts degree (major in English Literature and Comparative Studies) at University of Hong Kong. She first started working in Cathay Pacific's public relations department before moving to Singapore as Public Relations Manager- Southeast Asia for Hong Kong Tourism Board. For the last two years, she has been working with Visa International and is enjoying life generally in Singapore. Having spent much time working and travelling around Asia Pacific has brought her much insight in life and greater understanding and tolerance of diversity in people in life.

Mrs. B Wong and Miss Keung, teachers of Edna's favourite subject - Eng. Lit.

Edna has fond memories of school bazaars and her Form 3 production Cats by her "rather notorious Form 3 class at that time" when she played the role of Gumbie Cat, not in the least Miss Keung's patience (and desperation during rehearsals). She "blushes" with her memories of travelling home at Hong Kong Island from King's park with her best friend, Carmen, in their short hockey skirts after hockey practice with Miss Clark. Despite being a Dr. Symons scholarship holder, she was a science-averse die-hard arts student, and did have her fair share of mucking around during in her less than favourite classes (Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry...). She strongly believes that part of DGS' education is to teach you to "find your own interest and give it your best shot ever".


Edna starring as "Gumbie Cat"

Still in one piece post hockey match !

No regrets - Edna would not rather have had another sort of education and adolescence than that she enjoyed at DGS. She does feel, however, that while DGS education gives its students an undisputable edge in life, not in the least the strong bilingual skills and the determination to succeed, one must be mindful that there is a big world out there and having the right attitude to people and work when taking full advantage of what one takes away from DGS, is also of utmost importance. One last quote from Edna: "Treasure and keep your DGS friends. They remain valuable friends in life, even after you have settled down with your own family etc. They just know you inside out like no other friend does and are always there for you."