Cindy Hui - Class of '95

Having studied in DGS since Primary One, Cindy left the school after completing Form 7 in 1997. She entered Hong Kong University’s Faculty of Law as a recipient of DOGA’s Dr. Symons Scholarship, and is now in her final year of studies. Katherine Wong of the Editorial Subcommittee of DOGA spoke to her on 10th October, 2001.

Recalling her days in DGS, she describes the school as being a  very nurturing place, and she remembers particularly well the faculty  and student body, together creating the environment as ‘one big family’. There have certainly been many happy memories. Considering the DGS experience to be very valuable, she feels very lucky to having been there for so many years.

Among the many fond memories of life at DGS she found the opportunity to be a part of the production of ‘The King and I’ in her Form 4 year to be most significant. It was the process of preparation, rehearsing for many months, seeing different areas working together and finally experiencing it coming together that touched her the most.

Being a member of the debating team has prepared her well as she continued her debating activities into University (she was debating captain during the previous academic year). And to name a few more, she was also involved in the Careers club, Library, Drama club and the Big Sister Scheme. She was the English Club Vice-Chair and Detention board head (she remembers very well the task of assigning duties to wash toilets and cookery room).

Being able to participate in such a broad range of extra-curricular activities has equipped Cindy with different and diverse skills, and has helped Cindy to cultivate a sense of responsibility and self-identity, and develop confidence and self-esteem. In other words, that wide-ranging “all-roundedness” which we know so well is a signature characteristic of DGS girls.

The scholarship has helped her to keep in touch with the DOGA. Through her younger friends in the University, she hears the news about the school and about the teachers. She has also kept contact with some of the teachers and sees them from time to time. These connections have kept her and her friends in a tight circle of support network, which helps them through good times and bad.

DGS offers an environment to cultivate good friendship and ties among the girls, which is a central part of DGS life. Cindy takes pride that her friends from school continue to provide emotional and other support to one another, even after leaving the school. This was particularly important during the times of personal crisis experienced by two of her close friends recently. Cindy specifically mentioned her good friend Chitra, who has been more like a mentor to her. She notes the importance of receiving guidance and hopes that this way the DOGA can play a part in helping the girls form a link of their support network through a different perspective.

She thinks that DGS girls always seem composed and that old girls can be inspirational. Her intention is to join the DOGA after her graduation this year, and suggests that the DOGA offer a mentorship program, and organize talks and luncheons to introduce the association.

Her life at DGS has given her good training, a solid academic foundation, and the ability to face new environments with confidence. Her immediate interest is to stay in Hong Kong and cultivate a professional career as a lawyer. She has chosen Law because she finds it to be one of the most challenging subjects. Her advice to current students is:

The time spent at DGS is the best time in our lives. Hold on to the opportunity to learn more, and to know more people. Establish your network, and not to be afraid to face new challenges. And the uniform: it gives you a unique identity, and you’ll miss it very much after you’ve left.