Ex-Teacher of DGS: Mr. Augustine C.Y. Mok

In his office

Mr. Mok taught at DGS during the period from 1974 to 1990. At DGS, he was a teacher of Economics and EPA (Economics and Public Affairs) for students in Form 4 through Upper Six.


Mr. Mok graduated from the University of Adelaide, South Australia in 1967 with a degree in Bachelor of Economics. Subsequently he received a Diploma in Advanced Study in Education (Counseling) from Keele University in 1980.



Demonstrating in the 70's


After he received his Counseling diploma from Keele University, he became the Career Master of the Senior School. In this role, he was actively involved in leading the Current Affairs Club and Careers Team, and was responsible for writing university recommendation letters for the students.


After leaving DGS, Mr. Mok spent 6 months in North America on an Asian Cultural Council grant to observe American contemporary theatre in 1990/91. He was actively involved in the People's Theatre group in his spare time. He participated in many performances inside and outside the proscenium theatre, but more often outside. His plays almost always promote social changes.


Back in Hong Kong, Mr. Mok became a freelance writer/translator, and went on to set up a translation company called APAS Language Services (1991 -1995).


Receiving Achievement
Award in Drama


At the same time, Mr. Mok was actively involved in theatre production and workshops. He organized the first, second and third Asian People's Theatre Festivals in Hong Kong. He produced a show called "Big Wind", which staged artists from 9 countries/regions. Big Wind toured India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The show has been published in a book called "When the Big Wind Blows", which is a collection of four plays.


With Playback Theatre Actors






Since April 1995, Mr. Mok has been working as the Executive Secretary of Arts at the Disabled Association Hong Kong. He is still actively involved in the people's theatre - theatre of the people, for the people and by the people.


Mr. Mok recently received an Achievement Award in Drama, together with Chung King Fai, bestowed by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council.

Prepared by Mamie Ko (Class of 1977)

Pictures published with the permission of Ming Pao Weekly